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Customer: Anna

This PAW is the best piece of equipment we have ever bought -- and we have tried many. It is so easy to use, carries the weight and dumps easily. Our horses don't even bother us when we take the PAW into their paddocks to clean up manure. The battery lasts a long time before needing a new charge and starts the PAW in cold weather. The speed and gears are simple to adjust and the drive shaft easily moves the PAW. We had to assemble quite a bit, but that was not too difficult for 2 older ladies to do.

Customer: Ronald

I bought this for my wife to move firewood. She had a Neuton garden cart that she wore out and I couldn't get parts to fix it. The first thing I did was add a swivel wheel to the back so she doesn't have to lift it. Works like a charm. I suggested this to PAW as another option because it works so well. So far it's been great, good run time on the batteries.

Customer: Bob

Love It! Love It! Helps save your back -- really Strong!

Customer: Ryan

I have used my Pro PAW for a few projects that I would have never attempted without it. If you are a older homeowner who does their own lawn and home maintenance this is what you have been dreaming of. The Pro PAW was used for dirt and gravel as well as hauling some lumber and tools. Put a piece of wood on it and used it as a platform for my chop saw. The two wheel system allows you to do so much more then a regular wheelbarrow as your chances of it tipping are pretty low. The product is well made, the balance with a load is perfect, tips forward well, and it has enough power to move more then the listed 300 lbs. Their customer service was a 10 when I contracted them.

Customer: Sarah

PAW Model 44009. After years of pushing a wheelbarrow with stone, dirt, concrete, you name it, the PAW is a wonderful relief! The assembly went smoothly, the instructions are well illustrated. I received excellent assistance from the PAW representatives, thank you! Have moved several loads of dirt uphill a distance, the PAW worked like a charm, wonderful assist at long last! The batteries seem to have considerable lasting power for over several hours of work without any indication of a slow down.

Customer: Tom

It had good directions and went together easy, remember don't tighten any bolts until all are installed at each step. I love it, hauls all the firewood it can hold with ease, up a grade and into my house. It's going to make for easy winter hauling wood.

Customer: Ralph

Given the price, I was more than a little worried that this product wouldn't work out for me. Amazingly it has. So far I have moved about 12 cubic yards of crushed rock and around 2 tons of concrete pavers and it just keeps chugging along. As others have noted, it's a little hard to tip and dump with a heavy load, but so far I am totally satisfied with this wheelbarrow. Easy to assemble and easy to operate. Charges last a long time, I have only had to charge it twice.

Customer: Micheal

The PAW is a a well engineered piece of equiptment. The motor and transmission work very well, and the battery last a long time.

Customer: Suzy

The PAW is a a well engineered piece of equipment. The motor and transmission work very well, and the battery last a long time.

Customer: Doug

Now that l'm Old (70) l needed this to transport planting soil up to the garden. Works better than advertised.

Customer: Sam

I bought this almost 2 years ago and have to say it is a fantastic wheelbarrow. If you read the reviews you'll see that it is a great unit. The customer support is fantastic. Called me back almost immediately and offered excellent support. As far as capability - this thing is incredible. I have a driveway inclined so much that it drops almost 2 stories over 100 feet. Each year I have struggled with getting mulch down the driveway and pushing a wheelbarrow back up since trucks won't deliver the mulch at the bottom. It is easier to take the mulch to the bottom and then back up part of the hill to the area to be landscaped. The PAW was great. I did 12,000 (yes 6 TONS!) of mulch in about 8 hours and could have done it faster if I had not given out (if only there was a loader on the front!). The bucket is a great size. Some have complained about the front curved bar design. I find this to be very helpful actually. Was great to tip forward and be able to scoop the mulch out easily around plants. Yes it takes a bit to tip all the way over if you need to but if you are loading that much in then you better expect it will take some to tip. And whoever put reverse onto the drive was a genius! I thought it would be a waste but sitting on a hill after dumping the contents and then having to pull the PAW back up the hill backward in loose dirt - great feature! Power - it goes up my steep hill fully loaded with mulch or filled with firewood...yes a little slower than empty but without a push at all from me. In fact, going up the hill each time while empty to get more mulch, the PAW basically pulled me up the hill. I did manage to crack the bottom of the bucket but my fault tossing firewood into it from an elevated level but no noticeable effects in hauling even with the crack and nothing a little patch can't fix. If you are looking for a tool that will be useful for all sorts of hauling, this is it. Yes, nothing is perfect but this is a fantastic tool for the money!

Customer: Carol

What a life saver - Wish I had one years ago. Works great! All the neighbors are impressed - Some will be ordering

Customer: Jacob

I use it for hauling up sacks of pellets for my pellet stove. It was a synch to assemble and battery last all day, easy to haul 200 lbs. Very good value in a power assisted wheelbarrow.

Customer: Logan

I have a small farm on a hill. I needed something to help with light-duty hauling on the hills. I have a small garden tractor and a cart, but that's a lot of fuss just to move a bushel around.

I've searched all over for powered wheelbarrows. There are some gas engine-powered models and kits, but a gas engine would be very noisy and require a lot of maintenance. The other electric cart and wheelbarrow options available in the US are costly.

This cart looks like it will do the trick.

As delivered it requires some assembly. It's not difficult. It requires some tools like a mallet and socket wrench, and it took about an hour to assemble the metal frame and motorized wheels.

Rather than attach the included 6 cu ft poly-bin directly to the supplied frame, I built a plywood deck. (You can see some photos in the product description.) The deck consists of a 21" x 21" square platform and a trapezoid-shaped prow that covers the nose, protects the motor and gearbox and facilitates loading and unloading at the front. The deck configuration works pretty well for a wider variety of hauling jobs. I can put garbage cans on the deck. I am still doing some tweaks to this configuration. But the PAW as delivered is fairly flexible for adaptation. One needs to work around the motor and gear case which protrude up a bit at the front of the deck. I've built a way to adapt the poly-bin to attach to the plywood deck by mounting the poly-bin to a couple 2x4s and I'm using some hardware to securely attach the 2x4s to the deck. That way the poly-bin can be used and removed as necessary. Truck bed tie-downs (from Harbor Freight) are used to attach the poly-bin and serve double duty to secure materials being carried on the deck. U-bolts were added to provide tie-downs on the handlebars. I've also added a board to protect the electronics box from accidental damage.

The PAW's battery compartment and installation is pretty well designed. It uses a spring to securely hold the battery container in place and to facilitate easy removal. This would make it easy to swap power packs. (The vendor doesn't advertise additional power packs for sale, but they probably will sell replacements in the future.) You can also easily remove the battery case for recharging in the shop. The power plug on the battery case does dual duty for charging and powering the cart. You have to swap plugs to switch between charging and running the cart. The plug is a standard PC-style power cable. It's not the easiest plug to insert and remove. And the use of a standard cord is a little odd because if one were to naively plug in a standard PC extension cable and connect it to 110V AC you would have a lot of trouble on your hands. So don't do that. I don't have any data on battery life yet, but it has had no problem running over the course of several hour tasks. (I will try to update this as I get more information.) Inside the battery case are standard sealed AGM gel cells and they could probably be replaced very cheaply if they wear out.

Operating the cart is easy, but the use of a single button to switch between forward and reverse is awkward - there's no indicator whether you are in forward or reverse until you are moving. So there's too often some trial and error needed to get going, and reverse has only one speed so you get a small jolt when it engages. You really should be focusing on your hauling load when starting up not the eccentricities of the electronics. (Imagine if you didn't know for sure if your car was in forward or reverse when pulling out of a parking space.) I've found the power and traction to be adequate for everything I've tried. I have hills that are 10%-15% grades. Paved gravel and turf were no problem. I have not tried much hauling over rougher terrain. The tires are not ag-style so you might experience some slipping in wet conditions.

Customer: Danny

Though I've yet to use it I will say that the assembly instructions were excellent. I do look forward to it's soon use as I have to transport gravel and blocks to a remote job site.

Customer: Bob

I Love this machine. Follow the instructions carefully, especially the pictures. It's easy to install things backwards if you don't. The PAW manual gives you a phone # for assistance. Used it and received excellent, prompt help. I do a lot of tree cutting and log splitting, hauling large pieces to my splitter. Up hills no problem. Battery lasts all day. Easy to run, drive. If you need some assistance hauling stuff in your wheel barrow this is for you.

Customer: Bob

My wife purchased this PAW for me and it is definitely one of the best investments she made in my garden. Assembly was quite complicated even though I am an Engineer, but once assembled I fell in love with it. I have used it so much and it has never disappointed me. It takes on some of my heavy slopes with no problem despite being loaded. Great product

Customer: William

I'm a 69 yr old lady who mostly takes care of her farm with 7 horses and an outside wood furnace with little outside help (hard to find). When I lost my DR garden cart that saved me from the rough winter last year, I was desperate to find a replacement. After much searching I found the PAW at a cost more than $1000 less than anything else available. So far I've just loved it. Company is very supportive and it is more powerful and easier to use than the cart was. Since I can no longer move faster than a walk due to health problems I can already see the PAW is going to assist me in moving faster while I'm working and will help to strengthen me also. I find it hard to believe more companies have missed helping the homeowner with a more reasonable help. (probably would give 5 stars, but just haven't had it long enough to give many tests yet.

Customer: Jack

I wondered how this PAW would work out. I had a very specific use for it. I live on the side of a very steep ridge at about 5300 feet high in the mountains. We cut our own firewood off of trees on the property and have some nice large oak trees we are working on now. I needed to get the split oak, hard and heavy, straight up the side of the mountain to the woodpile by our house. We heat with wood in the winter. There is no road or driveway. Too steep for a regular wheelbarrow, so it was hand carry every piece. With the PAW we moved 12 loads up the ridge, about 100 feet very steep terrain with loose granite soil. The larger tires of the 300 pound capacity PAW worked well in the soil, and the battery had enough juice, and the motor enough power to pull the loads right up to the pile. Of course, I still have to lift the back of the PAW while going up the hill. But the best solution we have found. Plenty of power and charge even for these heavy duty conditions. As good as I hoped for.

Customer: Liz

This electric wheelbarrow is s big help with firewood that I need to move over a pretty good distance and up a pretty good incline. However don't expect this machine to pull you up the hill as well as a full load as some of the videos suggest. It does pull a sizable load of wood though. I had some damage to the electrical connector and the customer service folks sent out replacement parts pronto. Good value. Have only used once so I hope it holds up over time.

Customer: Tom

It took about a week from ordering to dispatch, and arrived later that week. It went together easily and the battery voltages showed almost full charge on arrival. It was in use within the same afternoon, carting around 2.5 yards of fill sand from the road to the back yard, then moving pavers. There was really very little work to move heavy loads with this little beast, and the two wheels gave good stability. There is about a foot of incline along the way, and it was pretty effortless. The unit recharged later without problems. It looks pretty solidly built mechanically, I'll be out using it again this weekend. Overall, it's a big help with moving heavy loads around, compared with the single-wheel manual barrow that preceded it.

Customer: Molly

I Give this tool 5 stars. I am a 61 year-old female, and I have a lot of rock, and dirt that needs to be moved in my yard. I haven't gotten to the rock yet, but I have moved a few yards of dirt, with no problem at all. My yard is sloped, and the this tool handles it with ease... I just walk behind it to steer, and let it do all the work. I had a friend help me put it together, and it was rather simple. The directions were clear enough that we didn't have to do any rework. I recommend the Pro-Paw Electric Wheelbarrow to anyone needing a little assist with their yard work.

Customer: Peggy

I love this paw!!!! I am 76 years old and awaiting rotator cuff surgery and I had to carry sod and mulch up a small hill to my back yard. This truck saved the day!!

Customer: Levi

My PAW works like a dream. I have a bad back and bad knees with some steep elevations throughout my yard and this product allows me to do the things I used to do before my problems occurred.

Customer: Conner

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have had my PAW for almost two years. I use it mainly for hauling logs from my back woods. Several inclines and one very steep one made it very difficult to haul until I got this machine. It works beautifully, hauling large loads. On the very steep incline I sometimes have to help it get up the hill but I never would have made it without the PAW. I have had no problems, whatsoever with it. A full charge lasts all the time I might use it in a day. It recharges quickly enough for the next use. I had a couple of problems with it when first assembling it. But a very courteous, friendly guy helped me out. I just plain smile every time I use this thing and that is at least 3 or 4 times a week from April to November.

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