24 Volt Removable Rechargeable Battery System

Battery Box: The PAW features a easily removable 24v rechargeable battery system

Battery Box: Built from powder coated steel with thermoplastic cover and quick connect outlet.

Batteries: Inside the battery box the PAW includes two 12 volt AGM sealed "off the shelf" conventional batteries. The batteries are totally sealed for your safety.

Battery Charger: The PAW includes a high quality battery charger with a quick connect outlet that plugs into your PAW. A standard 120v AC outlet is all that is required to charge the PAW.

Fully Assembled PAW
Sturdy Steel Frame

The PAW features a powder coated sturdy steel frame for long life and durability.

The steel frame will easily hold up to 200lbs max load capacity and is the main stress member of the PAW system.

Two 13" Pneumatic Tires

The PAW features two 13" pneumatic tires with powder coated steel rims.

The PAW tires were designed for easy maneuverability, maximum traction, and durability. The tread design provides mobility through most mud and soft sand challenges and still maximize battery life.

Motor Protective Cover Plate

The PAW motor protective cover plate is designed to protect the PAW drive system. Made from high quality steel and powder coated black the motor protective cover plate is a tough addition to the PAW.

Powerful 24 Volt Motor and Transmission

The PAW features a 24 volt battery operated drive system with two wheel independent drive.

Drive Motor: The drive motor features a high quality DC motor for long reliable life.

Transmission: The transmission features metal straight cut gears and is filled with 10w30 conventional oil.

Drive Axles: Feature sealed ball bearings and corrosion resistant drive shafts.

PAW Curved Dump Brace

The unique PAW dump brace makes unloading your PAW a snap. The dump brace was designed as an extension to the wheels.

Simply tip your PAW up onto the dump brace and dump your full tray with ease.

Adjustable Tray Brace

The PAW's front brace to two way adjustable to fit different sized tray. Some modification to the tray may be required.

In the upper position the PAW is specifically designed to work with the PAW manufactured 6 Cu. Ft. Poly tray.

Heavy Duty 6 Cu. Ft. Poly Tray

Easy get any job done with the heavy duty 6 Cu. Ft. poly tray. High quality poly construction with easy grip edge. Easily haul: Sticks, Wood, Flowers, Shrubs, Sand, Dirt, Rocks...Etc

Simple Operation Using Right Hand Controls

A: Illuminated battery power level indicator easily visualizes the remaining battery power level. (similar to a gas gauge)

B: Push button forward and reverse control. Simply push the button to choose between forward and reverse. Slow speed reverse and variable speed for additional power when needed.

C: Variable speed thumb throttle control to easily apply additional power for hills and extra heavy loads. Allows for adjusting speed to your personal comfort and the required task at hand.

PAW - Electric Wheelbarrow Product Features
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Power Assist Wheelbarrow
The PAW Electric Wheelbarrow will make hauling anything a breeze. The powerful 24 volt battery operating system will haul all kinds of items. Perfect for hauling dirt, sod, sand, shrubs, wood, rocks and much more. With a 200lb max load capacity the Power Assist Electric Wheelbarrow is perfect to help you with the heavy jobs on your to do list.
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